Friday, April 20, 2007

What to do......

Sanite has been home 4 years now. She came home at the age of 3 and is now 7 1/2. She loves to play sports. In fact now she is in instructional baseball (coach pitch). The problem is her gross motor skills are still so far behind. She runs like she is hunched over, she can't pick up her feet very well, and throwing a ball is very difficult for her( picture a normal 1st grader throwing a ball...then envision my daughter who throws the ball and it might go 5ft off the ground and 10 ft forward if she is lucky). She constantly acts "stiff" where other kids her age are more flexible. Emotionally and attachment wise things have been great with her but we still have to "pull out" information. Her baseball practice went horrible last night (her 1st one). It was VERY obvious to everyone (I even heard a few laughs) that she was not even near the same level as everyone else. At times she seemed frustrated and at times she seemed happy. At 7 years old she is bound to pick up on all this, but she has yet to say anything. I would LOVE to pull her out because I don't want anyone laughing at my girl, but yet she wants to go back. In fact even one of the couches seemed to be getting frustrated with her because she didn't get the concept of running past 1st base (last year in T-ball they had to stop directly at 1st base). I hate to ask her detailed questions because I am afraid I am going to put ideas in her head that really weren't there to begin with.

She is a VERY intelligent little girl...we homeschool and for the most part she is above her grade level...but I am afraid of how she is going to be treated or how people are going to act towards her because she is not up to par with her peers. Any advice???

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MamaLlama said...

Make an apt. with Julie the OT at KDH? Go from there? She was great with Mr. E!