Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend was great..until the ickies crept in

We started off on Thursday by heading to the zoo and boy did we have FUN! The kids were so excited to go and see the tigers. And of course, of all things, their favorite was the goats (seriously?). They were able to walk in a pet them and that was just the cats meow. They were able to see the polar bears, the wallabies, the Emu, the giraffe and the Louisville zoo's newest member... a baby elephant born just a few weeks back! He is so cute! No name yet but they are having a contest for that:)
Friday was run run run, we had to go to walmart and get some last minute school supplies for Monday, get some other running done,and then had dinner with our buds Michele and Ethan. We had so much fun. It had been so long since I had seen her (a couple weeks...and that's a long time for us!). I then called my husband to see what he wanted to eat and I would bring it home for him. He said "Oh by the way...Happy Anniversary..." It wasn't our wedding anniversary....but the anniversary of our 1st date...a blind date at to anyone who says blind dates are I am 11 years later married to my best friend in the whole world:)

On Saturday we weren't really sure what our plans were going to be....we ended up doing TONS of yard work and heading to the Library to pick up oodles of books for our reading time and for our attentiveness unit. We ended up having a family night that night with lots of Pizza and a movie :)Unfortunately my throat was starting to hurt and I was coughing insanely.

Today was Church this am, then off to my sissy's for lunch (grilled was so good!)We played a bit of Yahtzee and then headed home for more work. Kyle tilled up my garden area for me!!! YEAH!!! Right now it is about 20x30 but I am thinking I may make it bigger as I want a MASSIVE garden this year. I cleaned a bit inside and headed back off to evening service. We came home and started getting the kids ready for bed when my son comes up and says "You have a bloody nose mama" of course I thought he was asking a question and I said no I don't...he said "You have a bloody nose mama" to which I replied "No, I don't." He then said "NO MAMA, YOU HAVE A BLOODY NOSE!" At that point I felt it and looked down. My shirt was instantly stained with blood. UG I HATE this time of year!


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MamaLlama said...

Oh sweetie-hope you are feeling better. I was going to call tonight-but just go rest! Call me if you need anything! I can be there at the drop of a hat! BTW, extra kudos to kyle!