Sunday, April 22, 2007

Heading into the black hole called school..... the past month has been nice.......but as of more staying up late...up at 5 because there is......SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong...I am SO looking forward to this year....I will have a 2nd grader and Noah is continuing in Kindergarten. We have so many exciting things to do this year....Sanite and I went to the Library and picked up tons of library books on hearing and sound (our 1st unit study is on attentiveness and this week we are paying close attention to the ear and the importance of listening). We also picked up the movie "The Miracle Worker." This is the new one by Disney, not my favorite thought. My favorite one is the one made back in the 60's with Anne Bancroft as Annie Sullivan and Patty Duke as Hellen Keller. But Alas, our library did not have it! Many changes are "a comin' " for our family next week. We have started to see some attitudes in the kids that we just don't like....seeming a little bit too worldly. So it seems as if we are joining the ranks of all the weirdos....yep you guessed it....we are turning off the TV during the week. Our schedule (tentatively) will look like this...

me up at 5:00am
Kids up at 6:30am
8:00- tea time/bible time
8:30-11:30- working on school work (reading, writing, math) with both kiddos
11:30-12:00- working outside in the garden (starting next week...we don't plant until Saturday)
12:00-12:30- playtime
12:30-1- lunch
1:00-1:45- Silent reading time
1:45-4:00- unit study activities.
And by this time I have 2 other kids at my house who are wanting me to do homework with them and I need to get started cooking dinner so we can leave by 6 for whatever activity we have that night..... it will go like this..

Mondays- Sanite Dance, sometimes a baseball game in there too, sometimes I have Homeschool meetings
Tuesdays- Noah t Ball practice- sometimes a Baseball game for Sanite
Wednesday- Bible Study
Thursdays- Noah and sanite ball practice, sometimes Games
Fridays- Yeah a night off! Oh whoops...except for when we have adoption group meetings...
Saturdays- Sometimes T ball games, Sometimes Baseball Games, Sometimes both :)
Sunday- A DAY OF REST!!!! LOL We have service in am and PM and that's it! YEAH!!!

We are also starting a new rewards system for the kids and its called Caswell Clips. They each have their own ball canning jar with their color on it (this came about during school a couple years back..the kids keep all their own school supplies in their own back pack. It would drive me nuts when they would leave pencils, scissors etc on the table and I wouldn't know who the culprit is!). Whenever they complete a subject in school without complaining/crying/whining (doesn't happen to often), or when they complete chores without complaining they will get a clothespin (clip) to put in their jar. When their jar is full they can earn an hour of screen time (computer, TV etc). When they break a family rule they loose a clip. If they don't have any clips to loose then they owe me a chore.....HOPEFULLY this will help cut down on discipline! It had been driving me nuts lately! Of course I know the biggest part of this is that they are greatly missing a routine!

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