Saturday, September 29, 2007


While I LOVE living in Madison...I DO NOT love the morons that like to come during our festivals! Ok now please don't take offense if you are, indeed, NOT a moron and love to come to the festivals. I am talking about honest to goodness true, red blooded MORONS! I was pulling out of McD's today, ready to head downtown to actually go to this said festival...when my son refused to quit throwing his temper I turned my blinker on, and moved from the left hand turn lane back into the left lane of traffic. Keep in mind there was NO ONE behind me except for cars that were sitting at a red light behind me. I am now in the left hand lane driving nicely along (son still screaming) when a red Chevy (ok barf) truck comes out of no where and and FLIES around me. By this time I was up to speed limit (about 40) and he passed me like a was sitting still. Ok whatever....he gets in front of me and gets back to "normal speed." There is a car next to me in the right hand lane (where I need to be in order to turn onto 7 to head home) so I speed up a bit and turned on my turn signal to get into the right lane. The car slows a bit and I move over and the MOMENT I move over the red Chevy INTENTIONALLY swerves to hit my car! in the car by myself...ignore with three kids in the back of my car + extra doses of progesterone= yell and ask this guy what is going through his feeble little brain. Ok so I didn't exactly say it like that....He wouldn't even pull up next to me...I just yelled at him that the next time he wanted to run someone off the road make sure they didn't have kids in the car that could of been killed!!! God was really with me because I really wanted to just call him a snot blowing booger eater that had a car that looks like his mama painted it with her eyes closed while holding the spray gun in between her butt cheeks (this truck was more of the hot rod style- older 1960's style Chevy... so with Kyles business being what it is...I guess that's the first insult I look for lol). But I was nice...I didn't say it...and then laughed at myself for even thinking it...then thought hum...for someone who is NOT good at comebacks...that was pretty good LOLOL. The thing is...this guy looked to be about my age! It wasn't some bratty kid out driving daddy's paid-for car. I would think that he would of had more sense than that. Why do people act like that? That is how people get KILLED!

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Ladyterri said...

Wow! I'm impressed with the comeback-that was great!! So did you make it downtown???