Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The past couple days....

The past couple days around here have been absolutely nuts!!!! Kyle came home on Monday and started tearing our pipes apart. I wasn't here long as I had to leave at 5:30 to take the kids to dance. After dance we headed up to Indianapolis so I could stay the night at Lori's house as she was watching my kiddos while I went to the Dr. I appreciate her letting me do this as the Dr office is only 30 min. from her house. If I wanted to just leave my house that am, drop my kids off at her house, then head to the Dr. we would all have to leave here by 4am at the latest! So thanks Lori!

Anyhoo- I get to her house around 10:30, throw my kids in bed and sit up with Lori, Barbara, Spike, and Brit (somewhat lol-she crashed on the couch) just chattin. I was up around 5:30 and stayed in bed for a few (didn't want to wake others up) but got up around 5:50....took a shower, stayed around to see Ruby head off to school and then headed out.

Arrived at the Dr. just after 7 and was taken back in just a few minutes. I got the "go ahead" for my meds and headed back to Lori's....I knew Kiara was on the bus around 8 and I was REALLY wanting to make it back to see her before she left! I walked into the house and there she I got my Kiara hugs and she was off to school.

Then it was Karleighs turn for school. So off we went, watched Karleigh head off and we headed off for a yummy breakfast at Perkins. We were then able to go see Loris new house, new neighborhood, and even where her house is going to be! It is a GREAT looking neighborhood with a cute park for the kids and yes, even a swimming pool for their neighborhood. It is pretty easy to find (a plus for me LOL). Please pray that they can get their house sold ASAP so they can get started on construction.

After that we headed to Wild oats, then back down through Columbus (looking for some Jazz shoes for my boy). I stopped at the payless and the lady in there was trying to convince me that the tap shoes were the jazz shoes lol. She kept saying "Taps and jazz are the same thing." I kept saying "no...tap shoes have TAPS on them...Jazz shoes do not" lol Taps= lots of noise, Jazz= the sound of silence lol. luck. Off to check ebay and then if none there....ordering them ARG

Arrived home and house was a disaster. My sons room is Topsy-turvy as my husband had to take out part of his wall to get to our pipes. He is flushing airthrough lines, removing this part and that part, I have hoses hanging out of every window to help get the lime out. Ug, 5:30 we leave for football practice. I have no water in my house so I don't take a drink for my son................I realize this when we are 1/2 way there. The coach always has Gatorade for the kids...but not today! So i head to the store, pick him up a drink, and head back. Practice is great, he was having so much fun out there, except for maybe where he running from another player, ran out side of bounds, "flew through the air" trying to ump over another kid and actually kicked him in the head. It hurt Noahs foot but I think the other kid was actually alright lol.I get a call from Kyle, we now have hot water....but no cold. ARG! So I swing by Michele's for just long enough to mess up her computer, head to Kroger's to pick up some take and bake pizzas, and head home. House is still a mess, but we can now use the kids shower. Hopefully today when Kyle get home he may get the water flowing through our bathroom. Oh and we found out the is actually our water heater. Apparently this 30 gallon, 1 element water heater that I love (notice the sarcasm) has its plug ins the opposite of any water heater my FIL has seen and there is nothing to keep the limes from settling...therefor it settles and after time forms these huge rocks which are blocking our pipes (and yeah I saw them looks like gravel for our driveway!) So *sigh* here is hoping that he can fix it tonight!

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Ladyterri said...

WOW! I'm tired just reading about your day!! Glad you can go ahead with the meds. Spike and Lori are going to build a new house? How neat! See you tonight Sis, Love you