Monday, September 10, 2007

A bit of a prayer request......

As silly as this may seem in the grand scheme of things......please pray for our water situation/kyles exhaustion/getting it fixed. Over the past couple days we have noticed our hot water level getting lower, and lower, and lower..........From the beginning we knew it was a chunk of lime stuck in the pipes somewhere....but with the visitation on Thursday night, then Kyle being behind in the garage, delivering cars etc he has not had time to get in there and fix it. On top of that, he has had to work overtime at work. Since last Thursday he has not being going to bed before midnight/1:00 am, getting up at 4 and physically working himself all day. He is exhausted to say the least. Coming home to take a nap was on his high priority list of things to do today. Well..............I got in the shower this am and you might as well say nothing happened:( There was barely a trickle of hot water. So this means no showers/baths and no white loads of laundry (which this includes all of the kids bedsheets as since they all have asthma/allergies their stuff has to be washed in HOT water....not a big deal? 2 of mine still wet the bed so as you can see we can not go a couple days without doing laundry!). The kids and I area heading up to Loris tonight as I have a VERY early Dr appt in Indy on Tuesday so we are staying the night up there. This means Kyle will be here by himself exhausted and trying to flush the lines! Ug!

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