Wednesday, September 12, 2007

my house is needs an enema

The lime has completely clogged up my house, so therefore my house is constipated. All afternoon Kyle was giving an Air enema by blowing out the lines, taking the air hose off and then BOOM there goes lime flying out of the pipes....only to cause another thing in the house (toilet or some other faucet) to become re-plugged. *sigh* so it is decided, we can not wait a week for a new water heater (kyle was going to ask his dad to order one) so instead he went out and purchased one tonight. So now we have a 40 gallon water heater with 2 heating elements. I am so tickled...we might actually be able to wash dishes and take a shower at the same time!

Anyhoo---here's a neat pic..and no that's not cottage cheese....that is just a tiny tiny portion of what exploded from our pipes.

So I am drooling over this new water heater (sad I know) and I am getting the kids ready for bed. I throw the kids in bed and start looking for things to do. In the meantime I am seeing kyle run out of the house, run back ....ok water on, water off, water on, water off....and the vicious cycle continues. By now I have held my bladder together about as long as humanly possible and I ask if I can use the restroom...Kyle says yes but I have to follow the general daytime procedure for the past 2 days.....the toilet is not filling up fast enough so when you are ready to flush grab the bucket, fill it with water, and dump it down the toilet. *fun*

Ok so no problem, I go in, do my business, am now getting ready to flush when I hear a very weird noise....there is hardly any water pressure...I stop what I am doing and walk into Noah's room as the bathroom is next to his room and we had to remove a portion of Noah's wall to get to the pipes (I am telling you this is no easy task!). What do I find......the next words to come out of my mouth are "KYLE!!!TURN OFF THE WATER! NOAH'S ROOM IS FLOODED!!!!!!" Oh lie.....water everywhere...and not just a little sprinkling...the floor is completely squishes when you walk in his room. It is a good thing we had taken his bed apart and the mattress was sitting on its side as it protected all of our books (and we have TONS of them!). We did a sweep or two with the wet vac and will take the mattresses out tomorrow to dry *sigh*. I will try another sweep with the wet vac for now I am headed to bed! Or the couch as my room is such a disaster (along with the rest of my kidding...I am beginning to feel like a candidate for BBC's How Clean is Your house? I would not be surprised if I had nightmare about 2 British women coming to my house calling me a dirty Begga lol) I can't even get in there. It is amazing how much of my life depends on something as simple as water!


Ladyterri said...

What can I do for you??????????????
I feel so bad, I wanna help!

ChatterboxLS. said...

wanna come to the north pole & stay a few days with us??

lori :)