Sunday, September 16, 2007

Update on our house...

Since we haven't had enough excitement for the week our son decides to help us out a little bit. I previously told you that his room had flooded because Kyle had to take off a panel of dry-wall and fix the pipes. We have been waiting for his carpet to dry before we get back in there and start putting his room back together. My loving son, decided this am to go in and tear up the dry-wall slab that was to be put back on his wall. Oh gets better. Since nothing in our house is a normal size, it stands to reason that our dry-wall is not either. You can not purchase our size dry-wall in stores. It is thinner than anything else you can buy. What does this mean? We are now going to have to replace his ENTIRE WALL with new drywall, tape, puddy etc and then re-paint the entire room. *sigh*

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