Saturday, September 08, 2007

I HAVE to brag......

Yeppers we had a football game today and I HAVE to brag about my little football player. This was his first game ever and for now he is on Defense. The coaches are all VERY nice and great with the kids. I could see some of the coaches out there yelling at the kids already (they are only K-2). Our coach is VERY firm...but patient. I actually knew the coaches wife from when our kids went to preschool story hour several years back (it was Sanite and their oldest boy). She came over and was talking with me and said that her husband was VERY impressed with Noah. They said it is not often that you find kindergartner's that can throw the ball and run like he does. She said he was even considering letting him run the ball today. She continues to say that to have a kindergartner run the ball is very very rare and almost never happens. She said he talks about Noah after all the practices about how well he is doing. (OK BIG BIG BIG BIG GRIN here!!!!!!!). He was out there running around and having a great time trying to get the flags off every ones pants. here are some pics of today's games!

Noah coming off the field

OK I got what?

I'm ready whenever you are!


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