Monday, August 11, 2008

Car show and a real find!

Last Saturday we headed down to a car show here in Madison. They closed off all of downtown and there were cars everywhere....including my father in laws and my brother in laws (formerly kyle's car). My brother in laws Pontiac is in rough shape body wise but he has been working on the engine and it is running again so at least it made it to the show. My father in laws car was looking fantastic and all he really has left to do is the interior (kyle will be doing that). One thing about these car shows...many of the people pay to have their work done (which we are grateful for as many around here are turning to Kyle for their vehicles) but Kyles family does their own when Kyles dad won the award for "Best Street Rod" they had an extra little "something" to be proud about. Of course after he won the award Kyle and his brother both were making comments about "Gene Caswell's car, completed by South Hoosier Hot Rods..." I found it rather cute. So while the men were doing their manly thing by walking around and staring at cars...we women did our womanly thing and went into the old antique shops and drooled looked at Vera Bradley's.

While in one of these shops I found The Gasparilla Cookbook! That probably means nothing to most of you, but I tell you I about flipped my lid when I saw it. I will be trying some recipes over the next couple of weeks from this cookbook ( one to be used this week). Terri you will have to see this! It even has recipes for Cuban Sandwiches (and the sauces) along with DEVILED CRABS! Excuse me while I go drool all over myself..............

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