Thursday, August 07, 2008

Road TRIP!

Last Sunday a friend of mine was talking about having to go to a conference and everyone that was supposed to go with her backed out :( She was not pleased that she was going to have to drive to some placed called "Fishers, Indiana." I said "Oh I know how to get there..I have friends there :)" She laughed and said "Ya wanna go with?" I replied with a "yeah! Why not? I have to bring the kids though..."..........."No problem!"......................We had all the arrangements down. We left the following morning at 5:45 (ack...gag) and headed out. I dropped her off at her class and the kids and I went to do some window shopping and then to meet up with Lori! We had a great time! The kids got to play together at a little splash park, Brit was able to get some reading in, and we sat there and gabbed. I left to pick up my friend and then we headed to the hotel to check in, then off to the mall and dinner! After the girls ransacked Libby Lu we did some other shopping and headed out. We stayed up chatting for a good while having some GREAT discussion (mostly spiritual) before heading to bed.

The next day I dropped off Brandi and headed back to the hotel so the kids could swim. Lo and behold our pool was busted but there was another hotel across the way willing to let us use their pool for the meantime. The kids and I headed over there and while it was tiny, it was clean and pretty (when I say tiny..I mean the deepest the part of the pool was 4ft and it could of fit into my living room). There was a hot tub right next to the pool and so I climbed in the hot tub while the kids played in the "big" pool. Now keep in mind, this is a SMALL area. If I was sitting on the edge of the hot tub, I could turn around and my legs would just about touch the pool...that's how close they were. While the kids were playing, I pulled out my copy of Persuasion and was reading. A man who looked like he worked in maintenance at the hotel came in there and pointed at Katharine and said (quite rudely) "how old are YOU??" she replied "8." and then he turned to Noah and said "And how old are YOU??" he replied "6." He then went on to tell the children to "get out of the pool" as they were NOT allowed to be in THAT pool without a parent there with hello? I know he HAD to see me...I am not a little woman roughly about 10-15 feet away from the kids...and the ONLY other person in there....add in the fact that my swim suit is almost a neon blue and hello.....I am obvious. I raised my hand and said with a smirk smile on my face "Excuse me...I AM there mother" The next thing I heard was a bunch of "I am sorry ma'ams" and "I didn't see you there ma'ams" and "Is the music loud enough for you ma'am?" *sigh*

After that we ended up at Maggie Moo's and then picked up Brandi ready to head home..It was SO nice to go away just for a night and have a "girls" night :) It was almost like being on vacation with the Sheplers and Lori and I would just "pretend" our kids weren't there LOL (While all the while munching on Hot Tamales...the candy ya'll..............)

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lori shepler - said...

gosh, that sure makes me wanna go vacationing again with you!!