Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A katharine funny.....

As Katharine was standing there talking with our preacher and his wife, I couldn't help but listen in and get a chuckle.....

Peggy: "I like your shoes! I like red" (her shoes had red stripes on them

Katharine: "I like red too...I think red is my favorite color"

Peggy: "Red is a good color. It would be one of my favorites too."

Katharine: "whats your favorite color, Tom?"

Tom: "I would have to say Brown, though I don't wear it that much."

Katharine: "Well your in luck! You like brown and I just so happen to be brown!"

Tom: " That must be why I like you so much"



Pam said...

Hi! I saw your reference on the hair care site about your blog and came to visit! GREAT HAIR!! Nice to meet you! Hope you hop over to my blog and check out our hair (and football players) too!

lori shepler - said...

so funny!!