Monday, August 11, 2008

Menu plan Monday

OK not such a great week...but we are being extremely frugal for the next few months while we try and save up for Holiday World, Katharines birthday, Vacation, and of course Christmas :) Many people ask how we do it, but we keep our food budget at around $125 every two weeks.

Monday- breakfast- grits w/butter, lunch-tuna salad, dinner- Tonight is back to dance and we will leave here around 4:45 and not get back until 8:30. Dinner tonight will be something you can "grab and go." Had I planned better it would of been something like "pasta salad" but alas, we are having PB&J's or Grilled PB with carrot sticks and ranch.

Tuesday-breakfast-bagels, Lunch- pb&j, Dinner- Yummy! Waffles! We LOVE waffles for dinner!

Wednesday- Breakfast- eggs and toast, Lunch- BLT's w/cottage cheese, Dinner-Chicken and Dumplings

Thursday- Breakfast- biscuits and jelly w/fruit, Lunch- Lunchmeat and cheese, Dinner-Wednesday's leftovers made into chicken noodle soup

Friday-Breakfast-peanut butter toast, Lunch- grilled cheese, Dinner- Thursday's leftovers made into Chicken casserole (don't you love how 1 whole chicken for about $3.50 can make 3 meals for a family of 5???)

Saturday-Breakfast-baked oatmeal , Off to Holiday World!

Sunday- Breakfast- leftover baked oatmean, Lunch-Tyropitta From my new Gasparilla cookbook! , Dinner- FFYS (fend for yourself).

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