Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yard Sale Saturday!

Yeppers...yesterday it was A YARD SALE DAY! We headed up to a community wide yard sale we go to EVERY year. There is one place where I ALWAYS get Katharine new pants...brand name items for just a few bucks. Needless to say, I had a small heart attack when I pulled up and saw that there were hardly ANY tables there....*gulp.*

I walked around and to my delight

I found Kyle a shirt (he was just the right height).

After my glorious find I skipped 'round the table

to find pile after pile ..could he wear them? Yes he was able...

As I sang with glee I continued to search

and what did I find? New shoes for church

I leaped through the air from sale to sale...

As you can, I'm not frail..

smiling gleefully at every turn...

I found new ways to read and learn

increasing my collection of Mark Twain

And books about weather to learn about rain

I passed by the antiques and many pool floats

but the sight that caught my eye were the glittery pink winter coats

I noticed deal after deal that made my pocket book sing.

The Brand new boots I bought will make Maddie's heart ring

As I danced through the streets I found spider man and sonic shirts for a boy

that would certainly make my sons heart jump with joy

As I found item after I item I said" No! This can't be!

A brand new dress for $2! you see?"

After 6 hours of shopping I had come so far,

But it was time to head back to my heavy packed car...

I sang and I danced..I got such a deal...

it was now 1:00...time for a meal?

As we headed back home...we thought of the day...

And the deals we received for such little out-pay........

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