Monday, August 25, 2008

Take a look at THIS!

I am by no means a photographer...I can get come pretty good shots of the kids every now and then BUT more often than not it takes about 45 minutes of positioning, crying, fighting,and many "stop that"'s, and "get you finger out of your nose"'s. Needless to say it doesn't happen that often....

Sooooooo..several weeks ago we went on The Belle Of Louisville with Katharine's girl scout troop. This was a trip where siblings and friends were allowed to come. Noah, Maddie, and Maria went along with us on this AWESOME trip. Well, last night I received a call from Katharine's troop leader...she had taken a FANTASTIC picture of Noah and wanted to know if she could share it. I said ABSOLUTELY! Her photo's are fantastic...its hard to believe that some of those are photos as they are so "perfect." Of course, I think the most perfect picture is of here it is folks...the pic of my awesome little one :) Go and spread your love...tell her how cute Noah is and what an awesome job she did!


Anonymous said...

I couln't find the picture of your awesome kid. But that is OK cause' we know he is awesome without seeing a picture.

Also, I like the new look on the blog but I have on small thought...all of us far sighted old poops could use a little larger font. But...don't change it just for me cause I really do like it.

Love ya all!!!

lori shepler - said...

love the pic - what a cutie he is - sure glad we've got all these girls coz 1 of them's bound to end up a mrs caswell!!!