Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If I was an Israelite, I would need a chart....

Every time I read about the tabernacle, I just wonder how they remembered all of these rules. I seriously would need a chart. Bulls, goats, male female, sprinkle here, sprinkle there, remove fat...the list goes on and on. "Ok today is Monday and I broke out the old bronze idol last night....stupid stupid me. Ok Look down the list.....look down the list..........I am still looking....Ok here we is this intentional or unintentional??? Ok I admit..intentional....let me find that on this chart. OK found it....looks like today is goat! YES! Not quite as big as the bull...but um now male or female..." Ok you all realize I could go on and on. Every time I go through this my mind SPINS at how it had to be built and how everything had to be facing a certain way, set up a certain way, and by certain people. My mind SWIMS by reading it....I couldn't even imagine trying to implement any of it. Then lets talk about the blood shall we???? Can you imagine how busy this place would of been???? Then to read about the slaughter, removing organs, removing fat, sprinkling blood in certain places etc...I know I would NEVER get it right..

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