Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No Kefir grains :(...and I'm a dorkfish

I was really excited to get started making some kefir this week. A friend of mine was supposed to bring them to the homeschool meeting last night and she forgot:( Oh well....gives me more time to do some research.

Homeschool meeting went well last night, although I realize I am not cut out for that job in leadership. I can sit back, do all the behind the scenes work (i.e. making copies, set up play dates, presentations, coming up with idea) but verbally LEADING a meeting is just not my cup of tea...when nothing is being said I HATE being the one that everyone stares at....I know I saw tumbleweeds float across the room a couple times last night. I even opened with prayer and it did even make sense!!!! Has that ever happened to you???? I was so nervous it was like I forgot how to pray! lol I am SUCH a DORK(fish).

The topic for last night was keeping school/life fun. So the one who is LEADING the meeting should have ideas right? NOTHING! I have NOTHING! "Yeah well, I came here tonight to hear everyone else's idea cause we are the most boring people in the world." Yeah ok..that's about how it went. ...

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