Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Since Lori Asked........

Lori asked...what do you watch on tv? So we thought we would share.....some of my kids favorites are :

Little House on the Prairie-Katharine and Maddie absolutely adore Laura. When Katharine was in K we did an entire unit study on Laura and plan to do one when Katharine reaches 5th grade...all 3 kiddos will be able to do it then! Although Katharine has read through almost all of the little house books (She is only in 2nd me beam :p).

The kids don't exactly have THAT much time to watch TV, we usually turn on Little house around 4 ish, but with school in the am, rest time, then its time for dinner, off to the evening activity, and then hopefully be in bed by 8:30-9-that doesn't exactly give them that much "viewing time." However, when we are able to go on break the kids (especially Katharine) absolutely LOVE "I Love Lucy."

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