Thursday, March 13, 2008

Last post for a while.....

Well we all have a pretty big weekend ahead of us! Tomorrow myself and the girls along with my sister, niece, and friend Jean are all heading up to Angola for a Ladies Advance. This is a special thing for all of us every year, and the girls and I get especially excited to spend some "girl time" together and interact with Christians our own age, that have kids the same age (not something we have at our local congregation....we have one other family with kids ). It is going to be a 4 hour drive up tomorrow and then back early Sunday morning. We have a guest speaker at our congregation this weekend so we are trying to come back and hear at least 1/2 of what he has to say. The girls will be thrown in the car around 6 on Sunday to drive back and hopefully be back by 10:30. If we aren't, I am not too worried as Dick will preach for at least an hour lol. I am sure I will get to hear at least part of it:)

On the flip side, this is the "boys" weekend out too. Every year Kyle takes the day off on Friday and takes Noah somewhere. In the past they have visited the Children's museum in Indy, the Science center in Louisville, and this year it looks like they are headed to The Newport Aquarium. Noah doesn't yet know where they are going, and we have been torturing him with it:) He is going to be so excited when his pap finally tells him where they are going!

I am going to miss my boys terribly :( I know they are going to have a great time though :)

Pray for all of us as we will ALL be traveling on the roads tomorrow, and also pray as Katharine and I are signing a song together......pray that when she gets up on stage she does not FREAK OUT at being in front of so many people....When she told her therapist about it today Julie approached me and told me to make sure just before she performs to go out and do some extra exercises to help keep her focused! I am nervous........

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