Thursday, March 06, 2008

My son, the genius

Yes you read that correctly, my son is a super genius (hehe). When we started K with him last year, I started him in a k/1st grade program. He really hadn't had any prior knowledge of reading besides a few lessons in teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons (and sitting there Doing "A" Allie alligator "B" bubba bear in Sanites year of preschool lol). I figured it was a 36 week program and it was a combo of K and 1st so I would do 18 weeks worth of the program this year, then the rest next year. Before I knew what was happening, we passed week 18 before Christmas and I have not been able to catch up with him since! For this next school year (Which our present school year ends this month) I am planning on using Rod and Staff with him (1st grade) as that is what I used with Katharine. Rod & Staff 1st grade is broken into 5 different Units. A couple days ago I got out the book from Unit one, turned to the last story, and do you know that my son read it PERFECTLY???? Including words such as PUNISHMENT and REMEMBERED????? My jaw hit the floor. So I turned to the every back of the book which had a list of all the words learned in that unit...he read them all...with PERFECTION! Needless to say my genius son is going to be skipping the whole 1st unit of 1st grade :) I didn't try to see if he could read any of the 2nd unit as that is when they get pretty heavy duty into some Phonics rules and I really don't want him to miss those, even if he can read the words.

Then yesterday we drive to Indianapolis to meet with my friend Lori and we get to our meeting place a few minutes early. Right next to where we were to meet was a Barnes and Noble. There was a book I was interested in anyway so I thought I would get each one of the kids a book to read on the 2 hour drive home. My son picked out the Spiderman book pictured above. Do you know he read it in it's entirety a minimum of 3 times??? I am so proud of him I could just *burst* :)


Ladyterri said...

That is so great! I can't think of anything better for an education then a love of reading!

us. said...

way to go noah!!!