Monday, May 07, 2007

I have a new niece!!!!!!!

What a gorgeous day today! It was SO NICE! 1st I want to say to Matt and Jackie!!!! They were MARRIED TODAY!!! My nephew was accepted into a program to go to Japan and Teach English for 1-3 years. He and Jackie had fallen in love and he didn't want to leave they decided to go ahead and tie the knot now! There will be a ceremony in July before they leave but they actually had to be married on paper now to go ahead and apply for visas and passports. So excited!! We love you Jackie and are so glad you are now part of this crazy family! May God bless your marriage and may you be as happy and blessed as we have!
Also was able to get the kids out of the house today for our are some pics :)
It also took me an hour to get this blog entry is why.....

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