Saturday, May 12, 2007

A WHIRLWIND couple of days!!!!!

The past few days have been absolutely CRAZY! On Friday I had a couple jobs to do in Clarksville to do as well as a bit of shopping at Sam's due to the upcoming addition of "3" to our family for a week. Was able to come home JUST in time to head to a play date up at McDonald's. This am we woke up, started to clean up a bit, and then headed off to T-Ball pictures, then a T-ball game. After the game we ran up to vacuum the car, get a gift bag, drive through McDonald's then FLY to Indianapolis for Kiara's 5Th birthday party. The kids bowled and then played. We left a little after 4:30, headed back to Columbus where we stopped at Kmart to do a shop and then through the drive through at White Castle (yes the fast food I love to hate and hate to love). We came home, gave Kyle his burgers, unloaded the truck (I came home with MASSIVE amounts of stuff in the car....all stuff for spikes jeep and the girls suitcases for next week. I literally could not see out the back window nor my passenger side window..we were PACKED)! After we came home, we had about 1 hour before we had to leave again so while Kyle was unpacking I came in and started to clear out our TV stand and being to put in a new one I got from my sis. We worked on that for about an hour before we headed out again (it was now 8:30PM). The kids and I have been studying the orchestra, instruments, sound etc. When we went to the music store this past week the owner mentioned that his band would be playing at the local coffee house tonight from 8-10. So we loaded up the kids and headed downtown for a cookie, tea/hot chocolate, and fun:) The kids danced all night! They had such a great time. There were only 3 men in the band and they played a Double Bass, Drums, and Saxophone. They were great and SO much fun! We truly enjoyed hearing them. I LOVE the way my kids are starting to LOVE the "unconventional" things. Not to many out there would be too thrilled to hear the word "band" and NOT see an electric guitar:) Well, off to lots of laundry, cleaning, and getting ready for the new week.......

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