Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wow what a week!

We have had the Shepler trio here for a couple days and we have had SO MUCH FUN! On that 1st day it was so crazy, pick everyone up, head back to Madison, head to the house to drop stuff off, head to the library, pick up lunch, to the park, home for nap.....up from nap then to evening activities. Monday night was especially crazy as I had to be in 2 places at the same time! In 2 different cities no less! With 6 kids! Kyle took Sanite to her dance lesson in Scottsburg....I hated for her to miss it as it was her LAST lesson before the recital...not to mention they were giving out info for pictures next week. Then while he did that....I took 3 and headed to a banquet for Noah's wrestling. It was a last minute thing and since he placed 1st in the championships I hated for him to miss! And can I say WOW that Kiara and Noah both had a "lucky day." I wasn't sure what was gong to on at the banquet as all I had been told about was drinks and chips...I figured it was some I managed to fix grilled cheese for supper and we were all full when we left. Kyle took Sanite, Maddie, and Karleigh while I had Kiara, Ruby, and Noah. We walked into the school cafeteria and there were drinks, chips, AND a full sheet cake. Noah said "WOW! Who's birthday is it?" lol I told him it was for a "congratulations" to all the wrestlers. Then I her Kiara saying "Angela......Angela.....Look at THAT!" I turn around to see someone delivering about 30 pizzas LOL. Needless to say that Noah and Kiara were just busting at the seems with excitement!

On Tuesday we were able to take some time off and just relax in the babysitting buds got here in the afternoon and the 8 kids (yes you read that right) had a great time all playing together. It had been a couple of days since I had weeded in the garden so I set out to weed while the kids were busy playing on the trampoline. However it was hotter out than we originally when I watered the garden...guess where the kids were playing???

And here are the girls.....

The girls have been SO GOOD for me. Everyone is getting along so well and we are all having just a great "special time" together. Though, they do miss you :)

On a couple other notes.......did I tell you about "little" Maddie???? She had an appt on Monday and they did weight and measurements....would you believe my "little" Maddie is 34lbs and almost 38 inches tall?!?!?! She's a GIANT! LOL

Today we are all headed out for another fun day...we are headed to McDonald's for breakfast (so the kids can play and I can sit and "chat" with my sister...a rare treat!) and then off to look at a new washer...yep you read that right...our died...kaput...gone...forever...As I was working on school with Sanite yesterday I walked over to check on my laundry and I was standing in a pool of water...Kyle came home and pronounced it dead at about 4:30 in the the kids and I are headed out to see what I "can get by with" LOL....I am cheap and don't want to spend lots of money but with 8 people in the house for the time being...being without a washer is NOT an option! LOL

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