Friday, May 04, 2007

Thanks to Lori....

For encouraging me to change the look of my blog. How do you like it? Its called "Chocolate beach" two of my favorite earthly things lol. One day maybe I can become more "computer savy" and do some other stuff but for now....these little additions will have to do!

So anyway...took the kids to Cincinnati today to a clothing outlet did I do good :) All 3 kids decided to jump up a size almost overnight! Sanite is solidly in a size 8, size 8-10 in shirts and dresses (WOW!). Noah is not solidly in a size 7, but all the size 6's he owned were too small. I bought him 2 pairs of short that were size 6 that seemed a bit big and 3 pairs of 7 which seemed just right. Miss Maddie is solidly in a 4t wearing some 5t in shirts. Its a good things no-ones feet grew! LOL

I DO have to brag a bit...I ran into a woman with locs in the store. I commented on how nice and neat hers were and of course she saw Sanites and said what a good job I had done on them (whoo hoo...pat myself on the back..) and she asked what I used on them and was very impressed. How nice! OK all done bragging LOL.

I have told you about my "exciting week" right? Let me add...I drive 1 1/2 hours to this store in Cincinnati...after putting $75 in gas in the car.....I arrive and see a sign that says "NO CHECKS." I KNOW last year when I was here I wrote a check and could even go back and find it if I wanted I have a debit card BUT we only keep the amount in there that we extra..if we need we just transfer later. So the account started off with no $$ BUT Kyle had deposited his here I go calling the bank..if a check is direct deposited into the account then it is automatically available on a debit card...if a person walks into the bank to deposit a check (such as my husband does) it is not available on the debit/credit card for 24 hours. So here I am, 1 1/2 hours away.....and no $$? Oh the kids are gonna LOVE that we drove all this way for them to NOT get the clothes I said we would....oh boy.....needless to say I drove around and found a bank (keep in mind that the only thing I about Cincinnati is how to get to the store LOL) I was finally able to get some $$ out of the ATM but this cut 1 hour out of my shopping :( (I only had 3 hours to begin with!). God did a great job taking care of me as He KNEW that I could not afford another trip over there (either by time or $$$). Sometimes it is so easy to forget that God will take care of us in even the littlest of things!

On a side note....every Friday the kids have to say their memory verses for Kyle and he grades them on it as a "test." I would like to brag that my kids (yes Maddie included!) were able to repeat James 1: 1-22 tonight all from memory! We had to help Maddie and give her a few words here and there but WOW did Noah and Sanite really surprise me :) They didn't even slip up or need ANY help...Great Job guys:) We love you and we know that you have certainly made Jesus happy!!!!


Iana said...

Hey Angela, sounds like you need a break with all that's been going on lately! Find out what your cigar-totin' neighbor is allergic to and go blow it in his face! JK, really! Thanks for linking me!

Iana said...

oh yeah, and congrats to you on the locs and shopping and tell the kids WTG!!! on their Scripture memory! HOW AWESOME you guys!

me said...

I LOVE THE NEW BLOG LOOK!!! i may have to re-do mine soon as my puter's messed the whole thing up (when i look at it anyway), how does mine look to you? i gotta say, i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look, great job!