Sunday, May 20, 2007

I want to thank you..forlettin myself....LOL

Yep you guessed was SHREK day! My sister, my niece, and myself all took the kids to go see SHREK. We had SO much fun. This one was definitely a little bit "heavier" on the adult relationship side, but still quite funny. The kids had a ball and laughed almost the entire way through and lets not forget about Karleigh, Kiara, and Maddie and dancin' at the end LOL. They were so cute!Of course we had to stop watching the movie about 1/2 way through because we turned and looked at Kiara (she has had this whole acting like a dog thing all week..comical!) and she had her little "bowl" of popcorn....she would look at it....then bury her face in it shaking her head back in forth LOL. I was laughing at her so hard I was crying. My little stinker Maddie kept turning around saying..."mama..this is funny!" Too cute! We are now home for about 30 more minutes before we head back to the church. I normally have about 6 kids in class....extra 3 makes 9 so its a movie night tonight:) hopefully one the kids haven't seen (I think its a Hermie one...) Anyway....out for now....and yes I went WAY over my points today..I am 10 over and haven't had dinner yet!) tata for now!

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