Friday, May 04, 2007

Trading in my exciting life....

For one that is SO much more boring!So on top of the exciting past few day as I had an exciting day yesterday also. Yesterday the neighbor man thought it would be fun to come over and cuss me out because "my dog" had spread trash all over their yard. At first he didn't even tell me who he was, or what he wanted. I had Maddie in bed and was having afternoon reading with my older 2 when we heard a knock at the door. I answered the door and this man that I had never met before was standing there. He said "You need to come over to my house and look at something!" I was thinking "huh? A strange man is at my house demanding I come with he nuts?" I just kind of stared back at him in disbelief...then he said "I live next door and I want you to see something." I started looking around like he must of had something in his hands. He said "No! You need to come and look at my yard and see what YOUR dog has done to it!" I told him that I couldn't because I had three children in the house...oh and let me add he was puffin away at a cig and blowing it in my face. I kept trying to back away as I and all 3 kiddos have asthma....He said fine and continued to use a couple foul words to which I had to continually point inside and say "three kids in there..please don't use that language..."He then proceeded to tell me that my dog was spreading trash all over his yard. I was like huh? 1st of all...for all y'all who don't know..I have a little 15lb beagle....the other dogs that run loose are labs and who do you think is going to go to a trash can and knock it over?? I 15 lb beagle or a lab or chow. Well to top it all off y'all....he was yelling cause my dog was running loose and his dog got pregnant. He never came out and said it was my dog but...OK y'all ready for this one...the pregnant dog is a lab and I have a beagle less than 1/4 of its size....2nd..ok ready...MY DOG IS A GIRL! I said "you have got to be kidding me LOL" I KNEW it wasn't my dog. He said "Well I keep my lab tied up so things like that don't happen." I said "You live in the country, you have a dog that goes into heat...and you think putting a rope around her neck is gong to keep male dogs out?????" For one y'all even IF all the dogs within a 5 mile radius were tied up.....WE HAVE WILD DOGS ROUND THESE HERE PARTS! UGG..I must be getting on PMS as I am telling this guy "HERE'S YOUR SIGN." So here it goes...HERE'S YOUR SIGNTongue Smile Images

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