Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Never a dull moment....

So like I said...never a dull moment around here.....As most of you know, I watch 2 kiddos after school (they ride the bus to my house). We are good friends of the family and have known them since the oldest (now 12) was 2. The bus ALWAYS gets to my house at 3:27...I just glanced up at the clock today and realized it was 3:31 and no kids yet. I thought...hum that's odd...but on occasion they may end up at a grandparents house...but normally they call me. So I stood at the door and waited....and waited.....and waited....I finally went back over to my laundry and started folding again. Noah was standing at the door saying "The yellow bus is coming! The yellow bus is coming!" I walked over and sure enough the bus was coming. I left the door open and walked back over to my laundry. I saw the bus stop and suddenly heard the 12yog start yelling "T! get to the house! RUN! GO! GO! GO!" I ran to the door wondering what in the world was going on?!?! It was starting to rain so I wondering if she was just yelling for him to hurry up (It was lightening and thundering). They are literally BOOKING IT to my door. As they get closer I see that C (12) was crying hysterically. I then looked at T's red face (9yo) and noticed he was crying and shaking. I run on the porch and pull them inside and say "what is going on?!?! Whats the matter?!?!" C continued to tell me that some kid on the bus went BALLISTIC after having his glasses broke. He turned around, busted out 2 of the bus windows, and was then yelling at everyone on the bus that he was going to kill them all the following day. This kid is only in middle school but was so severely out of control. Apparently several of the high school kids went and sat by his seat to make sure he wouldn't get out and hurt anyone but himself. What did the bus driver do? He pulled over at one point and told him to "settle down." he radioed back to the school and the school sent the police. When C and T came in and were sitting on the couch, they just kept saying "I am NEVER riding the bus again..I am NEVER riding the bus again" Both were crying in hysterics while I called the super's office. I said "I have 2 children who are on bus 17....." she said " Oh yes they are running a few minutes late but they will be there" I said " I don't think you understand....I am not WAITING for the kids to get off the bus....they are here in my living room crying and shaking because some kid was threatening to kill everyone on the bus." Silence...........She then asked me how old the kids were, grades, high school/middle school?elementary etc. Then she said "the director of transportation wants to speak with you" and she gave me his number. I called him directly and told him what I had told the school. I was told that he was on his way to find the bus and that the police had been called to remove the child from the bus. So in the meantime....this was almost 4:00 now and these kids had been on the bus for almost an HOUR! To me this is so ridiculous! Why wasn't something done sooner? Why didn't the driver turn around and take that kid back to the school? Or better yet to the police station? This would of been MUCH quicker and the other students would of at least felt safe. Needless to say.... we are praising God tonight that #1 all the children on this bus are SAFE and #2 that He laid it on our hearts to homeschool our children...had that not of been the case my 7yo would of been on the bus too!

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