Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tiring Day.....

We are short one day of school from last week that I REALLY need to try and make up this week...I was hoping to be able to clean carpets tomorrow but that may not happen! Either that or it may be a case of school in between cleaning...UG! Also considering changing math programs...but I HATE to change as we have already purchased this curriculum and I really don't have the funds to purchase another. I may have to do so next year though. I think I may need one that is more hands on for her....she is having difficulty actually "getting" math I believe...oh she gets the mechanics. She can memorize her addition facts and such. She does very well with it. However, I don't really think she understands WHY things are the way they are. Although I tried a manipulative based curriculum before and it was a nightmare....but that could of also been attachment issues :)

OK and these dumb little bumps that Maddie has...she had them last year..out of the complete blue when we were at Myrtle Beach....then again after we returned from Haitian camp. So now she has them AGAIN! I could not think for the life of me what it was...allergic reaction to something? But what? We have changed NOTHING! These bumps just come and go......So we meet the Michele and E at our favorite meeting place (McDonalds) and I look at the back of E's neck..I said " this E's Eczema?????" She said "Yep!" So I called for Maddie and had Michele compare..sure enough its the same thing! At one point we had them both lift up their shirt and their bellies looked exactly the same...completely covered in these itty bitty nice to at least have a good lead on what we are dealing with..oh except for the lady at McDonald's who came up to me about ready to lay an egg asking if Maddie has Measles
Blog images codes I said "no....." She in turn said "Well I saw you pointing out bumps on her belly...." I said"If my daughter had measles I CERTAINLY would not bring her to play at McDonald's! lol" OK once in my life for something a little less exciting....looking for something rather dull and boring for a change lol. Alright McDonald's win the HERE'S YOUR SIGN award today........

In Honor of McDonald's lady today HERE'S YOUR SIGN
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Oh and by the way....Sommersby...I love that movie! Watching it now....wiping tears from my eyes........."I never loved him the way I love you" boo-hoo.....

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Sprittibee said...

I like your chocolate beach. Very pretty. My daughter has eczema too. It is not curable. The doctor prescribed creams but the best thing to do is just practice a healthy lifestyle (minimize stress which is a trigger, practice good hygene, use mild lotions that are hypoallergenic, eat healthy, avoid processed foods and preservatives, exercise, get a healthy amount of sunlight or outdoor play, get enough sleep, and DRINK LOTS OF WATER). :) You'll have less "dots" or "flare-ups" if you do those things... and they aren't that bad - it is the same prescription ALL of us should be following - even if we don't have eczema! ;)

I'm so jealous that you are near to Cincinnati. That means you can go to the opening of the Creation Museum that is about to open up soon! Possibly THIS MONTH.

Check out for links. HOW GROOVY COOL that would be if I could go to that!!! :)