Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A bunch of sickies live here...........

My day started at 4 this am as my husband was getting ready for work. I normally just sleep through this am believe that anything I remember when I awake must of been a dream as there is no person in his right mind that would willingly wake up at 4am........however, this morning was different. I kept hearing kyle running back and forth to the bathroom...huh???? I got up and asked if he was which he replies "I am not sure." Let me say that it is never a good thing when someone says that they are not sure! Around 4:50 (he has to be at work at 5) I ask if he is going to work today. Again I hear "I am not sure." Ok, once again, NOT a good sign. Needless to say he stayed home today. Lucky for him today was library day and we would be gone the majority of the day. I take the kiddos to the bank, then to the library, then to lunch at the school with Ginny (lunch by the way was great! I love the schools chili and pb&j). Maddie says a couple times (in between running around the classroom) that she has to go potty. I think nothing of it as this is her usual response when she is bored. I take her to the bathroom before we leave and guess what...yep she has it too.

We head out to come home and I need to swing by CVS as we have 1 roll of toilet paper (which is rather important, especially now) and I walk in noticing that my back hurts a little. I then notice that my throat is hurting quite a bit.....and yes I am dong the big AHEM clear my husband + 1 sick kid + 2 possible more sick kids (Found out Sanite was exposed to chicken pox last weekend and Noah has had the "Asthma boy cough" know...the dry nasty hacking i-am-going-to-cough-up-a-lung type of cough) all this together does not = a relaxing time for mama! This mama does not have TIME to be sick!

As for church is 5:40...and honestly...yes I am going to say it... "I am not sure." Maybe that is just a clue that we should all stay home!


ChatterboxLS. said...

praying for all you sickos (guess we all knew you were sickos though!!)

Iana said...

ugh know how you feel-- had to cancel teen girls' sleepover I was supposed to have last Sat. due to all of us being sickos. Now Lane's the only one who hasn't been treated!

Grace just got an abscessed tooth pulled today and she still sounded like she was going to hack up a lung at times! Good thing she's going to the ENT later this month.