Sunday, October 28, 2007

Introducing the graduating class of.....1892????

1st of all...GREAT time at the one room school house last week! I was able to get some pretty neat pics of the kids. here is one with Sanite and her buddy Maria. Do you see the blue rags on their desks? They are actually sitting in holes in the desk where the ink wells go. Those blue rags are what they use to wipe off their slate boards.

Here is a picture of Noah as he was singing "the good morning song." The boys had to stand beside their desks and bow while the girls stood beside their desks and curtsied.

When it came time for reading groups, Maddie and Noah went 1st. While the youngest group was in reading groups, the oldest group was working on penmanship with ink and pen and the middle group (Sanites group) was working on arithmetic on their slate boards.

Here is Sanite in her reading this point everyone changed and Noah went to work on penmanship while the olders worked on arithmetic.


They also played LOTS of games...Here is a pic from a game called "In and Out the window." Everyone stands in a circle with one person on the inside. The children sing a song about going "in and out the window." While they sing, the one in the middle runs in and out under peoples arms. the song then says to "stop and choose a partner." The lead person then chooses a partner, they run in and out the windows, then they both choose a partner. The game continues until there is no one left on the outside circle!

Another game they played had something to do with a paw paw tree. The boys stood in one line, the girls in another. They would sing a song about a girl (the one standing in the front of the line) while she skipped around the lines. Then they would sing a boys part of the song and the boy in front of the line would skip around the boys. Then in another part of the song they would skip to the back of the lines, this time having the girls follow the girl, and the boys follow the boys. The original boy and girl would make a "bridge" and the other children would rush to get under it and back in line.

Henry and Sanite building their "bridge"

Maddie and Livie skipping around the lines

Maddie and Her buddy playing pick-up sticks...well...not really lol

Noah During his favorite subject..Lunch

Everyone singing Happy Birthday to sis :) If you can, read what is on the board behind her. It is the pledge of allegiance from 1892. Pretty cool :)


Ladyterri said...

How very cool !!!

ChatterboxLS. said...

oh my goodness, the one of maddie & her friend playing pick up sticks looks just like karleigh!!