Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Since Maddie scare a couple years back with the Chicken Pox vaccine we have been a little more "active" in finding out what exactly these vaccines are made of and are they really worth it. We hadn't done the Flu shot for 2 years now and as we went to the Dr. for Sanites 8yr check up The Dr. was ready to give her the Flu shot. I wavered a bit then said no as I waned to look into it first. We had not planned on giving them the flu shot as the 1 year that we did turned out to be the worst year possible. We were at the Dr office every week for 4 months. No kidding. Between the beginning of November and the end of February Maddie had 8 sinus infections. She would get on antibiotics and within 2 days of being off of them she would start again. Then add in Noah and Sanite and their issues too. I believe that was the year I was supposed to take Sanite to a homeschool thing at Conner Prairie and she came down with pneumonia the night before. Anyway, I received a notice from our family allergy and Asthma place today (the older 2 have asthma and the youngest has RAD) reminding us that flu shots are in. I decided to get on the net and find out what I could about this years flu shot. This is one of the sites I came across http://www.vaclib.org/basic/fluindex.htm. Several of the websites I came across said studies have shown that basically the flu shot makes no difference! Ug how frustrating! And yes, this years vax does appear to contain Mercury. No flu shots for our family this year!

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