Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The renaissance festival...

It was so much fun! Last Wednesday we headed out to Ohio for the festival. We didn't dress up (no time or $$to make costumes) but as it turns out it was ok as the majority of people there were not dressed up. Noah thought the jousting was awesome. The riders came in and he said "oh! look at the horses!" After a while they both walked to their end of the poles, then ran toward each other and CRASH!!!! they went! Noah JUMPED out of his seat and yelled "WHOA MOM DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!?! He HIT the other guy!" Followed by bunches and bunches of laughing and "aww man"'s lol.

Here's our dude...he was the looser...go figure

Kyle had the soup in a bread bowl for lunch...doesn't he look thrilled?? And that's AFTER I said "smile"

Ethan looking like he was ready to "take a bite out of crime" to speak

Here is Sanite enjoying her turkey leg WAY too much

When the kids misbehaved we had them try sleeping in the beds the renaissance kids had to sleep in when THEY got into trouble....

Unfortunately they thought it was funny?!?! At any rate, by the end of the day at least 1/2 of our crew was dead tired (including me)

The other 2 were comic relief for on the way home!

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