Monday, October 29, 2007

It's all about camping:)

This past weekend we went camping to celebrate Sanite birthday. We ended up at Versailles state park ( one of our favorites). We arrived on Friday around 5:30 and it was already starting to get dark. We had enough time to park the camper and get the basics taken care of (leveling and such) before darkness completely fell on us. We went to hang up our lights (keep in mind we have a pretty secluded spot so there is NO light anywhere around us...not even moonlight as we were pretty wooded) and would you believe we forgot the extension cord??? Then as Kyle was starting to get things taken care of, the lighter broke....we couldn't start a fire for dinner! so we decided to head into town (town consists of McDonald's, a small grocery, a small CVS, and lots of mom and pops). I head to the grocery and pick up a bag of chips, an extension cord, lighter fluid (it was raining) and a 6 pack of 24oz Pepsi's......the total was almost $35! Ouch! Then we let Sanite pick where she wanted to go for dinner (choices were McDonald's or Chinese lol). Chinese it was a little mom and pop Chinese place and we were like " we really want to go there???" But after we got in there it was really good! They made everything right there and it wasn't a buffet type thing (I don't like those ug). We were able to make it back, get the lights up, sing Happy Birthday, and eat some cake! We also had been teasing her all day about her gifts...we kept telling her that she wasn't getting any...of course she knew we were kidding! Do you remember when you were a kid and you just absolutely LOVED something? Let me see if you can figure out what she is really into.... she got a new outfit (shoes included), a puzzle, a Hannah Montana MP3 player, a really cool pillow to plug her MP3 player into, a Hannah Montana doll that sings, a Hannah Montana microphone/alarm clock, Hannah Montana Eye shadow, Hannah Montana lip gloss, a Hannah Montana card that plays her theme song....get the picture???

Maddie on her bike

Noah on his bike

Picture of our camp site

Maddie with a freezing Papa....

Sanite riding her bike


Ladyterri said...

I always love the pics-they are great!

ChatterboxLS. said...

oh, so she loves scooby doo, huh!