Thursday, October 18, 2007

I hope someone last night was able to sleep!

Apparently the only person in hour house that was able to sleep was Sanite. She is the only one that was not up in the night saying she was sick. I was able to head to bed around 11, then up with Maddie from 1-4. I have to give her credit. I watched her get up from the couch (our place of rest last night) and run to the bathroom. I figured she had to potty but lo and behold I get there and she is vomiting in the toilet. the first thought that goes through my head is not....awwww poor baby...I feel so bad for was actually....MY DAUGHTER IS A GENIUS! At 3 she figured out that when you need to vomit, RUN to the bathroom and do it in the toilet...this is a feat my 5 yo has not figured out yet lol. So after that I turned to awwww, my baby is sick mode. sleep at 4.....awake at 4:20....Kyle is up getting ready for work...still saying he is not feeling good (I am expecting him home at any moment as he said he was going to go in and work his required 4 hours and head home), and look up...there is my son in the bedroom "My stomach hurts!" There is no room on the couch for another person and I am not sleeping in that bed until it has been adequately doused with Lysol. I tell Noah to head back to his bed because...there really isn't anything I could lets recap---- to bed at 11-up at 1, to bed at 4, up at 4:20...up until 6:15..."mama my stomach still hurts." He says this but yet there is no "evidence" yet. "OK" I say "Head to my bed" where everyone finally went to sleep until around 8am. I woke up at 8, Sanite and Noah at 8:30, it is now close to 9:30 and Maddie is still sleeping. We are supposed to be going to a play tomorrow...I hope everyone is well enough to go!!!!

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