Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cash Crate

No kidding..I just found this site this past week after reading about it on the money saving mom site. I thought it wouldn't hurt anything to try it. I went to the site, signed up, and I have started out filling out some surveys. They don't pay much, but every little bit adds up. I couldn't sleep on Thursday so I sat around playing with it a bit. I ended up with almost $20 approved and $28 pending approval! They send out a check to come to your house sometimes in the middle to the end of the month and are paid on a month by month basis. For example, I checked this am and since it was the 1st of the month, my November earnings had been noted and my account cleared to start a new month (I still have all my pending offers though). I suppose we shall see what happens if I get a check within a couple weeks! If you are HERE to register. Once you reach $10 you are eligible for a payout and the majority of the offers are free (you don't have to do any you don't want to). If you don't make your $10 that's just rolls over to the following month!

Good luck and I will keep you updated on how I turn out!

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