Friday, December 21, 2007

My 1st day of CVS "steals"

I am soooo excited about my CVS "steals"! Here is a pic of my 1st round...

*batteries- $5.29, then a CVS $5/1 coupon, and then a manufact. coupon $1/1 Free plus overage!
*2 aquafresh-on sale for .99- then a $.75 coupon for each
*Schick Quatro Power razor- on sale for 7.99, then a $4/1 coupon- $4 in ECB
*schick Quatro disposables for women- on sale for $5.99- $2/1 coupon- $3 in ECB
*2 playtex sport- reg $4.99 a piece, then a $2.50/1- $2 in ECB

This sale- Total of sale items: $31.23, take off coupons and I paid $12.18 AND I got back $9 in ECB!

my 2nd transaction went as follows

* Tylenol cold- $5.99- then a $1/1 coupon
*Tylenol 10ct- $2.49-had $1/1 coupon, then $2.49 back in ECB..Free plus overage!
*4 bottles of Lor. Pro shampoo- on sale BOGO, then had 3 $1/1 coupons
* 2 bottles of excedrine- totaling $20.48- $7 in coupons and $10in ECB back
Total before:$49.92- total after: (including more $2 off a$10 purchase and the previous $9 in ECB) is......................$12.20!!!!

The rest is as follows (several different transactions)

*4 packs batteries- sale $5.29 a piece, then a $5/1 coupon a piece, then I found a couple that had $1/1 coupons on the package- then $5 in ECB back
* 2 TMNT action figures (not shown as they had to be wrapped immediately lol)- $4.99 for the 1st, then 50% off the next..I also used a $2 off a $10 purchase on this transaction too
* a pack of gum- sale .99
* Car stickers- .99

Should of been: $33.12, What did I pay :)??? $4.71 and I got $5 back in ECB :) SWEET!

Total should have been $114.27, My actual total out of pocket was $29.09, AND I still have $15 in ECB to boot!

For more on CVS and how to get more bang for your buck check out Money Saving mom!

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