Thursday, December 13, 2007

My day yesterday :)

Oh wow was yesterday nice! We woke up yesterday, watched a bit of TV and cleaned. Around 12 I took the kids out for lunch at pizza hut. The older 2 had met their reading requirements for November so they earned a "Book It" coupon from pizza hut (for those of you who don't know what "Book It" is a program that you sign up for at the beginning of each school year. You set certain reading "requirements" for your kiddos and if they meet those requirements they earn a coupon for a free personal pan pizza). All 4 of us went out to eat for $7 including tip! Not bad! Kyle had his Christmas dinner at work so he actually got out of work at 1. He came over and picked up the kids to go home and take naps/do reading time (Noah and Katharine each have to read for 30 minutes every day). I was actually able to do some errands....ALONE! BY MYSELF! WITHOUT KIDS! was that weird lol. I ran to CVS and did a little shopping and then headed to Walmart where I stood in line for 40 minutes to make 1 hour photos (silly I know). After that I headed downtown where I picked up an Eggnog Latte at my FAVORITE shop, Madison Coffee and Tea and then headed to The Birdhouse...Katharine's favorite shop. I was able to look around for quite a while and finally decide on the last few things to get her for Christmas.

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Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Wow, sounds like a nice relaxing day. There is nothing better than shopping with no kids. I haven't figured out how to do my CVS shopping with my kids yet. It involves so much concentration and figuring and what not. The 1 time I did take my kids with, I was in the store for almost an hour and left with only 5 things. Doing the coupon clipping, ECB shopping thing is not very child friendly. That's ok, it is pocket book friendly.