Thursday, December 06, 2007


Whether you are talking about car insurance, life insurance, home owners insurance, you have to face the fact that you HAVE to have it. Sometimes just by necessity, sometimes required by law. Take care insurance for example, we have it and boy have we used it! Oddly enough it has never been through a fault of our own. There has been a time or two where we have been hit by someone else and their insurance refused to pay so our insurance got involved and the situation was settled. For more information on cheap car insurance check out Car Insurance information here.

We also have had our own deals with Home Owners insurance. Several years ago we had to deal with a dog attack (not our dog). The owners of the dog were reluctant to help with any of the expenses but their home owners insurance jumped in. Also, about 3 years ago our house was struck by lightening (yes, about 1 week before thanksgiving and I was cooking!). We lost our stove, computer, fax machine, and a few small appliances. Yikes! NO STOVE and cooking Thanksgiving?!?! Luckily our Home owners insurance stepped in and not only did they take care of our claim, It was taken care of so fast that I had a brand new stove a couple days before Thanksgiving! Check out this site if you are looking for more information on Home Insurance.

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