Saturday, December 01, 2007

It was COLD this morning!!!!!

To say the LEAST!!!! Today was the Christmas Parade here in Madison and my dear sweet Katharine was able to walk in the parade. I walked with her and it was cold, our noses were froze before we ever stepped out on the parade route! On the other hand, Maddie and Noah racked up the candy so they were pleased lol. All in all it went well. We were fine once we actually started moving. Also we were pretty happy to NOT be stuck behind the horses...and I mean that figuratively and literally....We usually head out to the free movie at the Ohio Theater after the parade (Usually it is The Polar Express) but this year I planned an Usborne Book Party at 2:00. I am glad the kids forgot about the usual outing to the movies lol. I know...bad mom. At any rate..I am off to get ready for the party and will post some pics later!!!

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MamaLlama said...

Okay, can I j ust tell you that I am SO sorry! NO sleep last night leads to me c rashing on my bed right before 2PM. Woke up at 3PM. No brownies, no sh o w, BAD, BAD, friend!