Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Check out how we are movin!

As of today here is our updated list!

St.Francis Hospital
HSBC Card #1
Capital One
Wells Fargo Financial Loan
HSBC Card #2
Clarion Hospital (from my surgery back in 12/06)
Citibank Credit Card
KDH (This will probably last to be paid off as this is our Dr. seems we will always owe them a monthly payment)

We have 5 items paid off, we are currently caught up on ALL of our bills (or will be by then end of the month), and have paid 1/2 of what we owe to HSBC#2! At this point in time, all of our bills &tithe are IN OUR FINANCIAL LIMITS! As far as a budget, it is still not quite possible as we maybe under limits for our bills, but that doesn't include gas and food lol. Kyles business is rather slow right now (as far as new things coming in, he has TONS of work to do on 3 other cars out there) but that is expected in the winter time. For some reason we are always slow now but tend to pick up when it gets warmer out. Hopefully he will have more boats come in this spring for interior work! Within the next 2 months, one of our short term goals is to have 3 more bills crossed off!

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