Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yestery....MUCH BETTER

Yesterday we slid back into our regular groove............The only issue we really had was when we were talking about the attributes of God. Every day the kids have to take one of the attributes, and draw a "symbol" to help them remember what the meaning of that attribute is. So we talked about our two for the day and gave examples of what we think of when we hear that certain ward. Noah jumped right on his and had his completely done before Katharine could get a thought out. I know that this type of thing is hard for her...coming up with ideas "on her own." She wants me to "give" her an answer or "tell" her what to do. When she can't think of something immediately it almost like she wants to shut down. Well, yesterday I didn't even pay attention to her when she was doing the moaning, and looking at me with the pitiful eyes like "I can't do this!" I just told her she could do it and I went on with our normal work. She eventually came up with an idea. YEAH!! And believe me she was praised HEAVILY for it! Lets pray that today goes even BETTER!

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Brittan said...

YEAH KATHARINE! That's great that she's starting to think critically. That's one of my favourite things to do at school! I'll be praying for her :)