Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Guess what educational thing we did yesterday?

yep! We went to the movies :) I can't help it....sometimes it is just nice for the kids to get to do something extra. I guess that's part of the beauty of homeschooling, we don't have to put ourselves to the same time constraints of the public school. For "us" we have a certain amount of work I want them to complete in a week. I refer to get it done on a schedule (This is one of the few parts of me that would actually fit into a type A personality) but, on the other hand, I suppose the important thing is that it just gets done...period. Yesterday was a day when we just covered "the basics" (reading, writing, and math). The kids were done with that SUPER early (Katharine still had some language arts to do, but was done with the rest) so we headed to our local movie theater, The Ohio Theater. They are now having their winter family fun series which is.....FREE...my favorite word:) Every week they show a movie and there is no charge for entry. Not to mention their snack stand prices are reasonable. I usually pay $3 for a large popcorn for all the kids to split...when was the last time you went to the movies and watched the movie with popcorn for $3???The catch is that the movie is on at 10am on Mondays. Perfect for the homeschoolers that don't want to go with the rest of the crowd! LOL Yesterdays movie was Surfs up. We had seen it a million times, but the kids love it and of course you just can't beat seeing a well liked movie on the big screen.

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Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Oh, the joy of homeschooling!! I love days like that!