Monday, January 07, 2008

Quick prayer list!

If you would, I have a few people to please remember in prayer-

Kyle- He is building his resume for a new job which will actually start off at what is making now and go up fairly quickly from there. This place is known to be difficult to get hired into but he knows 3 people that work there, one who is close with the people in the office. Please keep him and our family in your prayers as we are sooo looking for a way to get out of this financial hole.

Kevin Tandy Jr.- He is Kyle's 19yo cousin and is one of many in the Reserves who met at the RCA dome last week for a ceremony just before being shipped off to IRAQ for at least a year.

Katharine- we don't even want to talk about last week with her ( or myself)....I am tired of us both spending days in tears over various things. I am calling for a referral for an OT today.


Ladyterri said...

How exciting ?! I feel ya, Kyle is not the only one trying to get new employment! We will have LOTS to talk about when we go for coffee :)
Love ya girl!

ChatterboxLS. said...

praying for ya girlfriend!!