Friday, January 11, 2008

I love how God works :)

Since our Dr's appt with Katharine last Tuesday, it seems like parent of children with SID have been coming out of the woodwork! It has been amazing. I ran into someone from our homeschool group and was telling her about it....she then told me that one of her sons (almost college age) also has SID. The best part is she has 8 children, and only lives about 2 miles from me! She gave me loads of advice, what worked for her, what didn't. She also invited me to stop by the house to offer up some books for me to read. One she is going to lend me is The out of Sync child. She asked me if I read it before and I said " started it...." then she finished my sentence.."you saw too many similarities and couldn't read it any more." BINGO! I told her that it was nice to know I wasn't crazy, that yes my baby does have these issues, and YES someone else sees it too, and she said she remembers having the EXACT same feeling. I have received loads of feedback on Therapeutic listening and it seems that either it REALLY worked for people, or it did the exact opposite of what it what supposed to. I feel like I have already wasted 5 years of her life, and with only 8 more years until society "expects" her to be an adult, I fell like there is just not enough time :(

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ChatterboxLS. said...

angela, you're the mama that god hand picked for lil miss katharine - he knew that you needed her just as much as she needed you - you & i've talked 1000's of time on the similarities between our 2 daughters & i'm certain that he brought you to this place for such a time as this - i believe that if you'd have found this out earlier, with other things that you/katharine were going through/dealing with, it might have been 'too early', but not now... now's the time - he's equipt you with information & knowledge (even from other people) at this time as he (i believe) feels that you both are ready to move on with this & get it corrected - he saw this all long before you did & loves katharine (& you) so much that he felt you could handle this as her mama & help her through it - think if she'd have been adopted by another family that wouldn't have taken it seriously or wouldn't have dealt with it, where she'd be then EWWW - but no, he wanted you to help her... help her to manage what's going on in her body & also help her to trust you much more every day - i believe with her being the age she is now that she'll be able to see & hear all that you're doing, researching, talking about, etc. & understand that you're there for her - i love you all (you know that) & if there's anything i can do, please yell