Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Money Shape up!

As many of you know, we have made some HORRIBLE financial decisions in the past and are getting busy trying to "fix" this problem. Our goal is to completely get ourselves out of debt. Crystal over at moneysavingmom is encouraging everyone to get their finances into shape and we are joining in! Unfortunately coming up with a budget is not possible right now as we owe more than we bring in, but here is a list of things we want to pay off by the end of this year (in order from smallest to largest)

St.Francis Hospital
HSBC Card #1
KDH (This will probably last to be paid off as this is our Dr. Office..it seems we will always owe them a monthly payment)
Capital One
Wells Fargo Financial Loan
HSBC Card #2
Clarion Hospital (from my surgery back in 12/06)
Citibank Credit Card

This is what we want gone this year....also...for those of you who don't know. Kyle has his own business refurbishing older cars. He does everything from engine work, body work (including custom paint), to custom interior (yes he sews it all himself!). His big love outside of God and family is his cars. He has one car that is especially important (and sentimental to him). It is a 1962 Pontiac that belonged to his father. Years ago his father sold it and when Kyle was 18 he saved his money and bought it back. He had high hopes for this car. It meant allot to him. He decided last week it was time to sell it and that he did. He approached someone who had wanted to purchase his car for a long time, and he ended up selling it tonight. On one hand we are sad, but on the other we are tickled to death to knock some of this stuff off our list! Check in tomorrow and see what we have been able to pay off!!!

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Kacie said...

Hi! I see you live in So. Indiana....I used to live in Bloomington! What a lovely place.

Anyway, you wrote that you can't yet set up a budget because you still are working on debt.

What about starting to track your expenses? Track your current spending habits at the grocery, gas station, on entertainment, whatever...so you can see where your money is going.

It might help you free up extra money to put toward debt.