Friday, August 31, 2007

Another fine day of school

We sat down to do Bible together yesterday am and then started on our day. Sanite was able to finish up with everything but language arts and we will do that today. I did get part of Maddies stuff in yesterday so I can start with that next week...hopefully the rest will be here soon:) With her we are using Thresholds for Threes (teaches the basics...math, pre-reading, language skills with lots of hands on activities!) and Little hands to heaven which also has lots of hands on activities but everything is focused around a Bible story. Here is a pic from our Bible time yesterday:

Note the pose by my oldest? yeah...we are getting more like that everyday! She is getting too big too fast...just wait until I post her school pics!

After school was done we just hung out at the house. the kids played while I cleaned..Yeah! Sounds like fun right? haha. Anyhoo...The 2 oldest and I headed out to meet a friend of mine down at All Ways Pottery...for those of you who aren't familiar, this is a pre made pottery store that you paint yourself. All 3 of us ended up with mugs. Sanite picked out a regular mug style and Noah picked out this HUGE cup that is probably more of a soup bowl lol. I picked out a travel mug. They all turned out pretty cool! Even though I wonder what Noah's intentions were with a huge cup like that...I hate to tell him but a package of hot cocoa mix makes the same amount whether your cup is big or small lol.

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