Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What to do now?

So All Hanover students went back to school today.....what to do?? LOL I usually have 2 kiddos at my house bright and early (around 6:45). This morning I was able to sleep in! Humm....So now is the time for making some plans for the fall trimester. Here is what we have planned so far...we have a back to school picnic planned with our Homeschool group on The 25th of this month...this is always so fun as the kids get together to play and then adults can chat and of course food is always present! We will start school on the 27th and kick off the new trimester with a "breakfast out." Seems like we can go out for dinner and such but going out for breakfast hardly ever happens! On the 13th of September we are headed down to the Apple Orchard to do LOTS of picking for LOTS of canning (jellies, butters, apple pie filling, applesauce etc). Then on the 26th we are headed to the Ohio Renaissance festival We are so excited about this field trip as the kids have never been! I can't believe it! That's only the 1st month of school and that doesn't even include our KONOS activities!!!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!! Here's looking forward to getting back into the groove of things!


me! said...

ang, i'm sooooo sorry - please still continue to be my friend - i forgot my cell yesterday when i left when i said i'd phone you (ooops) - then today i was at kiara's school for quite awhile & then had to go back tonight - i'm bushed - she starts tomorrow, ruby starts on monday & karleigh not until sept so i'll call you soon I PROMISE!

Ladyterri said...

I'm tired just reading about your schedule!!