Friday, August 31, 2007


Papa says to mama: "She is so cute sometimes"

Maddie: "I KNOW I'm Cute! I don't know WHAT you are thinking!"

We come home from All Ways Pottery today and the kids want to call Kyle to say we are on our way home. They talk to Papa and then talk with Maddie. They get off the phone and the kids say "Maddie saw a deer."

me: "Huh?" Now we live in the country but not THAT far out into the country where a dear would pop its head up in broad day light. If we ever have dear out its during the evening/early morning hours. So we arrive home and Maddie comes running up to me and says "Mama! Mama! I saw a deer!!!!"

me: "You did???" -I notice papa rolling his eyes....

me: "Where did you see this deer?"

Maddie: "right over here mama! But you have to be VERY quite" (as she is holding her finger to her lips)

Maddie (whispering): "Ok mama...its still there!"

Me: "Wow Maddie you are right! That is a deer...why do you think it is standing so still??"
Maddie (still whispering): "'Cause he's poopin....."

She forgot to mention that the deer had only 2 legs and was missing an ear............

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me, said...

poopin' - hehehehehe