Sunday, August 19, 2007

Indiana Beach

Well last Friday was a day to Indiana beach! It was soooo much fun and the kids had a great time! We slept in a little bit...until about 8 and left the house around 9. We had some things to do around town so we didn't end up leaving town until around 9:30. The kids were dragging out of bed that am...They were so excited but so not wanting to get up! LOL..hence this 1st pic of sleeping beauty.........and yes she slept until we arrived at Indiana beach over 3 hours later!

We arrived at Indiana Beach around 12:30 and had already packed a we got out, ate lunch and headed in. The kids rode and played all day! We were able to take the kids over to the water park and Noah and Sanite both had a BLAST on the water slides! They whizzed down them like they had been doing it all their lives:) Sanite and Noah had always been a little bit more fearful of water (love to play in it...but are very cautious) so I was nervous as to how the slides would go. They didn't want to leave that area! They would of stayed there all day if we would of let them! Poor Maddie couldn't go into the water slide area but she was able to play with her dad over in the splash area. When we came back she too was all grins! The rest of the day we spent on Boardwalk-like rides....swings, wooden roller coasters, bumper cars etc. The older 2 went on several rides that Maddie couldn't so Kyle and I took turns going with the older 2. Here is a pic of Maddie riding a car while the other two went on the cornball express

After that I was able to take Noah and Sanite on the Hoosier son.....the little snot lol.............has his hands in the air the whole time yellin "IS THAT ALL YA GOT MAN?" I laughed and laughed and laughed.......he was too cute! The things kids say :)

The kids also got to meet someone you know who THIS is??? ARGGGGGGGGG
Then one of the last things we went on was the Ferris Wheel...I enjoy the Ferris wheel...Kyle had never been on one and said he wont go back on one again lol. It went too high for him and he got a little nervous LOL Here is a pic he managed to get while throwing the camera up in the air...yes he let go long enough for that!

All in all...a great day had by all!!!! We plan on going back next May and staying for a couple days! We can't wait!


Ladyterri said...

Looks like great fun! Maybe we will join you :)

me! said...

yeah terri, you/brian can go & we'll go & bring along anyone else you know, coz ang said she & kyle will foot the bill!! - isn't that sweet of them!?!?