Monday, August 06, 2007

Haitian family Camp

Last weekend was Haitian family camp and we had so much fun!!! We were only able to go for one day this year due to it conflicts with a major car show in Louisville, Ky. I am hoping next year we will be able to go the whole weekend. I think though that the only way we are going to be able to go at all next year is if the camp is moved to a different weekend. Kyle is planning on having a car ready to sell at this car show next year so....if you want to sell it you have to be there :)

The kids loved seeing everyone and they spent the majority of their time in the pool or on the huge slip and slide (pic to follow lol).

All Barbara's girls bein' silly

All Barbara's kids

Sanite on the slip n' slide

Maddie and her bud Elli

"Air Noah"

Sanite just chillin' in the pool
We ended up stayin up pretty late (again) on Saturday. I think we got home after midnight for the 3rd night in a row. UG this mama was/is tired! It was fun though....I got to talk alot about one of my favorite topics...homeschooling! I love sharing all the fun stuff we have done over the past couple years and talking about the exciting stuff yet to come! One of these days I would like to have an area in my blog for all of my favorite websites for curriculum information. Oh well, I will get that done in my spare time LOLOLOL

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